Initial selection = Yield and more quality.

By inserting the sizer in line, it is possible to eliminate sagging and inconsistent tomatoes, as well as select and divide the tomato according to its size.

The main feature is that of having an adjustment range that goes from 20 to 75 mm; in this way, the Manufacturer can choose the size of the tomato that best suits the peeled and diced tomato line, and the one that best suits the concentrate product line.

It consists of conveyor rollers, which during their motion allow you to size the tomato; the 1st caliber generally separates the tomato waste and fragments, while the 2nd caliber allows small tomatoes being conveyed to the same shredding group.

The 3rd caliber allows you to select large tomatoes and convey them, through a special conveyor belt, to the optical sorter and then to the peeling and dicing line.