This channel allows you to continuously receive the tomato that is unloaded in bulk together with the water from trucks or bins.

During unloading, foreign bodies deriving from mechanical collection such as stones and soil also enter the duct; this transforms into mud in contact with water, settles on the bottom of the duct, while clods of earth, small fragments, but above all stones of various sizes, settle on the mobile surface.

This system known as “Redler“, designed and manufactured in 1998, is composed of a mobile single-conveyor belt, entirely in stainless steel, which, positioned on the bottom of the duct, allows the rapid and continuous removal of foreign bodies outside.

Scraper elements are applied on the mobile single conveyor belt, which in the return translation allow the removal of the mud from the bottom of the duct and its removal by means of a timed valve.

A continuous water jet separator prevents the accidental rise of any entrainments of tomatoes on the inclined mobile surface of the Redler. The tomato unloaded together with the water on the opposite side of the Redler advances thanks to the flow and grumbling created by special electric blowers.

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