SECOND-HAND MACHINERY completely overhauled, reconditioned and refurbished and supplied with our guarantee of perfect state of operation

05. Circular Filler Sa109 for 3 kg and 5 kg cans. Output: 35 cans/min.

Used in food industry for manual filling of 3 kg or 5 kg cans with whole peeled tomatoes or similar products.
Construction entirely in st. st. Aisi 304.

06. Vacuum Filler & Seamer group RS/8 +AG170 (Comaco model) for 3 kg and 5 Kg cans

Working capacity : up-to 30 cans/min.

07. Crusher-tank and single screw pump for tomatoes


08. Pre-heater

To pre-heat crushed tomatoes at 60-65°C by steam or by steam warmed water.