Tomato unloading
from trucks by
means of pipes

  Tomato unloading from trucks by means of pipes.
Stones on the sliding conveyor during the discharge stage.
TOMATO RECEIVING FLUME with CONTINUOUS system for mud and stone removal
This flume allows the continuous receiving of tomatoes, which are unloaded in bulk together with water, from trucks or bins.
During unloading, foreign bodies deriving from mechanical harvest, such as stones or soil, enter the flume; soil, becoming mud in contact with water, deposits on the bottom of the flume, while soil clods, small fragments, but in particular stones of various dimensions deposit on the sliding platform.
This system, known as "redler", designed and built in 1998 is made up of a sliding single conveyor, completely in stainless steel, which is positioned on the bottom of the flume and which allows the quick and continuous removal of foreign bodies.
During the return stage, the scraping elements applied to the sliding single conveyor allow the removal of mud from the flume bottom and its transportation outside by means of a timed valve.
A continuous water-jet separator prevents the accidental rise of possible tomato fragments on the bent part of the "redler" sliding platform, and in this way, even stones are washed.
Tomatoes unloaded together with water in the part opposite to the "redler" move forward thanks to the water flow and to the bubbling created by suitable electric blowers

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