This sizer has been realized to meet the new market needs. 
The mechanical harvest of tomatoes, their storing in tanks on trucks, and their transportation can cause tomato squeezing or breaks.
With the in-line positioning of this new sizer, insubstantial and enervated tomatoes can be eliminated, while the remaining ones can be divided according to their size.
The main characteristic of our sizer is its adjustment field, which ranges from 20 to 90 mm, in this way processors can choose the tomato size which is more adequate to the tomato peeling and dicing line and the one more suitable for the tomato paste line.
The sizer is made up of conveying rollers, which during their motion allow tomatoes to be sized; generally, the first sizing unit separates tomato fragments and wastes, while the second one separates small tomatoes.
The product recovered by the first and the second sizing units is then conveyed on suitable belts to the same crushing unit.
Finally, the third sizing unit selects big tomatoes and conveys them, through a suitable belt to the colour sorter, and subsequently to the peeling and dicing line.
Its construction conforms to all the current sanitary regulations on the materials to be used.
adjustable roller sizer for tomatoes
new adjustable roller sizer for tomatoes
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