NEW PATENTED PEELER BY STEAM AND OVERHEATED WATER WITH VACUUM COOLING, suitable to process high quantities of tomatoes

Designed to peel high quantities of tomatoes, the new SATURNO peeler allows the adjustment of the scalding time according to the characteristics of the product to be processed.
One of the main advantages of this peeler is that it allows the processing in three different modes, according to the conditions of raw tomatoes.

The peeler can operate as follows:

- Tomatoes are steam pressure scalded, immersed in overheated water and then vacuum cooled;

- Tomatoes are steam-pressure scalded and then vacuum cooled;

- Tomatoes are scalded by immersion in overheated water and then vacuum cooled.

The choice of one of the above-listed systems is made according to the variety of tomatoes to be processed, in order to maximize the peeling efficiency.

After scalding and vacuum cooling, peels possibly still attached to tomatoes are removed using suitable peel separators.

(Fresh tomato input)
30 metric tons per hour 50/55 tons per hour