Production Department  di macchine e impianti per la lavorazione e trasformazione dei prodotti agricoli: Receiving and Storage, pelatrici, cubettatrici, polpatrici per pomodoro, pastorizzatori e raffreddatori – Cavalieri
Savi Engineering
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An efficient group that has been used for over thirty years by various tomato processing companies. Today, it is still used to obtain high quality whole peeled canned tomatoes.
MECHANICAL PEELING MEANS: - Tomato scalding in hot water; - Superficial cutting of the peel and peel removal by delicate mechanical action.
HIGH QUALITY OF THE FINAL PRODUCT: The Savi mechanical peeler, unlike all the other systems in use, does not remove the thin coat of pulp connecting peel to the fibrous texture (the “velvet”). In this way, the final product maintains all its organoleptic properties, as well as its colour and aroma.
RELIABILITY: Its simple constructive design, the use of extensively tested materials and, its user-friendliness allow the SAVI mechanical peeling group to work perfectly with no need of extraordinary maintenance.


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  Impianto di ricevimento e scarico del pomodoro.
  Lavaggio dei pomodori
  Scarico pomodori
  Acqua dalla lancia
  Impianti lavaggio del pomodoro Cavalieri
  Impianti di pulitura del pomodoro
Pomodoro fresco


The group includes: The peeler can be supplied in the three following models:
  • Scalder;
  • Porter Elevator;
  • Mechanical Peeler;
  • Peel Remover.
  • 2 channels, for capacities ranging from: 2-4 t/h
  • 4 channels, for capacities ranging from: 7-10 t/h
  • 6 channels, for capacities ranging from: 12-15 t/h
Receiving and Storage
Tomato Receiving Flume Bucket elevator
Weed removing roller conveyor Gooseneck porter elevator
Adjustable roller
Weed remover Roller sorting table
Tomato Peelers
Saturno steam
Draining roller conveyor
Mechanical peeler Distribution belt
Peel remover Inspection belt
Lunapiena dicer
Linear dicer
CuboRosso dicer
Pulping machines for tomatoes
Gianisa tomato pulper
e and Coolers
and Coolers
for revolving cans
Tomato Paste Lines