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Gianisa tomato pulper
Designed to reduce scalded and/or peeled tomatoes into small pieces with diameter between 6 mm and 12 mm, limiting the quantity of seeds and juice present in the final product as much as possible. The machine is equipped with a suitable pierced drum that allows the size adjustment of the tomato small pieces. The extruded product is commonly called “fine pulp”. The tomato pulper is equipped with a tomato slicer and a vibrating separator to eliminate seeds and juice. Both the machine and its components are entirely built in stainless steel, in conformity with the current EC Standards. Infeed capacity: up to approximately 12t/h of peeled tomatoes.
Yield: approximately 40-50% of tomato pulp, depending on the kind of feeding (scalded or peeled tomatoes), the degree of ripeness, and the variety of tomatoes.
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  Gianisa tomato pulper
  Gianisa tomato pulper
  Gianisa tomato pulper
  Gianisa tomato pulper
  Gianisa tomato pulper
  Gianisa tomato pulper
Gianisa tomato pulper
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